Welcome To Adventure-Land

Ever wonder about that place you read about when you’re kid but couldn’t afford it? Or has your child suddenly has been bitten by the travel bug from hearing Ricardo all about summer trip from Spain?

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Not to worries. I like to welcome you adventure-land where you can fully achieve all your travel fantasizes from your local visiting sites to the far outcast of the newest cities and countries. Here on my blog In Oceanview , I am mere guide to do all things travel and other things to expand your perspective view or before y.our tear something *sigh* I know pun intended.

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It is easy than done to meet to all your travel expectations or any expectations really. Not a lot of us have the means to travel the world either because of a pandemic, natural or man made disasters,finical stresses . Like I said, no worries I got you ! I have tips ,playlist and future inspirations to help you from committing the most heinous crimes known to the travel industry.

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why you should trust in oCeaniew?

  • In Oceaview provides material both for travel beginners or expert . From the travel playlist to the most secret places to travel to. And if you’re like me when it comes to food, there are plenty recipes from around to try if you can’t afford the pricey ticket. The blog was created to inspire or pursue the idea of travel alone or as family ,friends and couple. Many are told that it can’t be. That’s where I come in to provide you with different perspective on how , where , and why it is good idea to travel.
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  • Secondly, any blog post is provide freely until you want to subscribe to this blog where you will be able to see my post first hand before anyone else. Blogs will be posted every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12 pm and 6 pm Est. Which could be 9 am and 3 pm in different time where you are living in.
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  • Thirdly, In Oceanview there will be a discussion or comment section to comment on regarding travel, music playlists and recipes are provided down below every blog post for every viewer.
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Long story short, you are probably wondering who am I and why I am writing this very public blog about travel instead of being one of those young people who has Tumblr blog dedicated to One direction. No offense to One Direction or Tumblr, I am fan of both. Believe me, but my true passion has been and forever will always be travel . There so aspect of it that from the places, to fashion and food. My name is Nqobile Phoebe Thutlwe -Lunga. I know it is hand full and that’s okay, because most people call Phoebe. I am a 22 years old who loves to eat,cook and do art when I am thing or writing travel.

This is me w/ coffee in hand most mornings

To the curious …

  • I am not a writer or a expert on all things travel. However, I am person who publicly give s their opinions on all things travel from food,music , fashion and obviously location.
  • Each blog will include elements of travel and research to form an unbiased regarding aspect of travel from food, fashion, art, music and culture. As much it is expensive to do travel internationally. Do not fear, there will be blog posts that will be there for local travelers that can be enjoyed.
  • This Blog was created to encourage anyone who can afford the money or time to travel both internationally and locally alone or with a group of people. Also it was created for the people who can’t afford it , but are able to read,cook, hear music of the intended place they wanted to see.

This blog will constantly evolve as I learn, grow, and interact with many people , aspects and opinions of what , how , where, why and occasionally who of travel is.

I hope you are able to enjoy this blog as I enjoyed creating it for you. Remember this is merely guide and opinion blog on all things travel to help you have any effective and positive experience of travel .

Nqobile Phoebe Thutlwe-Lunga

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