How to be Young and Thriving!

Stepping into adulthood can be difficult for the most part if you don’t have the right people to guide you. Like most millennials, I struggle with being an adult. As going to the new age of this generation I have learned a lot about myself , world and truly most LIFE! From a being student to a dropout and stay home part travel blog I have picked up some things from here and there. Here are some tips to be young and thriving no matter the age!

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“ Seeking extra guidance does not make you weak.” There is always strength in your moments of weakness by allowing yourself to ask help. From family, therapy to partners each and very important person, thing and place hold a value towards the person you become at the moment. So ask for the Help!

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” Be yourself cause everybody is taken.” By building a healthy relationship with yourself, you can grow like a tree that is consistently growing over time, the same can be said for you too. No matter the starting point of your life whether you’re in the early stages of adulthood or you’re in the finish line. It is key to be yourself, honest and raw.

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“In face adversity, it is important to stand up for what is right.” This tip is easier said than done. Though, there are many injustices in the world some of it is in our own very homes! From hearing sexist, racist and self-harming brought forth into our lives it is important to know what your worth and the worth of others stand up against poor behavior. By adjusting our point of view ourselves and the world that is when the thriving can begin.

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“It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.” As quoted by the young Seneca, you should strive to financially stable without having any purpose first. In a time of the digital era, it is easy to fall trap of complacency. This was tricky for me as I am learning of the importance of money and with that being said: DO NOT BE A CARRIE! You need accountable for all the expenses to survive any environment both afar and close. Moreover, the more efficient you are with money, the closer you are to staying young and thriving proudly.

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If your friends and family don’t want to join you, just go alone.” The majority of women and your millennials have told it isn’t the wisest thing to do. But that is Garbage’s advice to listen. Most heightened experiences are done alone even when shared with someone else. By going on your own, self- regulation is being developed. As well, depending on the experience you have travelled alone: Either Hate it or Love it. But when you alone there is no judgement, no self-destruction, just love, pain, fear and laughter.

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Finally , when things don’t go your way just remember this : ” There is always a way.” Do the impossible, survive the survivable. Accept disappointment, fear or whatever the emotion you’re currently feeling for what it is. Not what it should or could be. By denying realty, you are putting yourself failure and I know YOU aren’t failure cause you checked this blog.

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