30 Books to READ if you’re unable to travel

To read or not read. The choice is yours! But alas, let me tell you that 30 Books should read if you’re unable to travel, can’t afford to, are already travelling or maybe you just want to sit by the fire dreaming of travelling. Whatever it is! I am here to help you find the one for you. Theses can also be found on Amazon, Indigo ( if you’re Canadian) or your local store/library.

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30. WILD

Even if you’re not thirty or going a mid-life crisis this book is phenomenal auto-biography of author Cheryl Strand who embarks on self-discovery of life, love and mostly herself as she hikes through Pacific Crest Trail. This great read like many books on this list. Moreover, like many on this list you find as a featured film.

29. Eat Pray Love

One of the most beloved among readers, this other autobiographic book Written by the ever-inspiring Elizabeth Gillies tales the devastating and empowering discovery of self -love and relationships. She travels through the now over popularizing countries Italy, India and Indonesia. This is also one of my favourites even though I don’t share the same experience of Gillies.

28. Into the Wild

This famous book and film with the same name, tales the inspiring and saddening non-fiction story written by Jon Krakauer, tales a young man named Christopher McCandless a college graduate that travels through the western Untied states until he, unfortunately, dies in Alaska in August 1992 after surviving 113 days.

27. Memoir Of A Geisha

This is another book turned into a film this historical fiction tale of a Asian young woman turned to geisha in the first World War written by Arthur Sulzberger Golden. This story will pull your heartstrings and make you want to travel to Japan and discover the histories of Geishas.

26. The Secret Daughter

Another one of my favourites books that I love to read by renown Indian writer Shilpi Somaya Gowda tells the captivating and harsh reality of adoption and intertwined stories of three women who discover the importance of family, home and sense of culture. Unlike many authors on list this author expands the ideal what it means to be a tradional woman with mordern ideals India.

25. Seven years in Tibet

This autobiographic book written by Heinrich Harrer, tales the adventure and life of the Austrian mountaineer Before, During and after the world wars. This great read is a classic travel book to read whether you are travelling or not. Further, this will be a possibility to experience the awe of the current Dalai Lama you can get to.

24. Under the Tuscan Sun

A book that will encourage to purchase property in Tuscany and take of it. A tale young divorcee woman who travels to Italy with friends to only decide to live there and fix an old home. This Frances Mayes is among favourites for sure!

23. Sisterhood Of the Traveling Pants ( SERIES)

These YA books tales of four young girls discovering the complexity of life, love and young adulthood through travel and a pair of pants written by Ann Brashares! This is one those book that can take you back to when things were simple even with the changes in your life.

22.Call Me by Your name ( Series)

This LGBTQ+ YA book written by Andre Aciman introducing this enchanting and breath-taking story of two young men Elio and Oliver who fall in love while American student Oliver is travelling as an intern for Elio’s father.

21. Out of Africa

A life-changing story of the amazing and courageous of Isak Dinesen who travelled to Nairobi, Kenya and managed arc coffee plantation by herself, her ex-husband and lover. Through from 1914 to 1937 Dinesen is able to capture the excellence of the Kenyan views while writing the deadly experience of separation from ex to discovering enchanting elements of a new love at a time that was unacceptable.

20. I Rise

A phenomenal written by the late great Dr. Maya Angelou that will take you to the South of America, this story like Angelou is timelessly leaving you both inspired and devastated as she recounts to the most beautiful parts and upsetting of blackness, womanhood and youth.

19. The Alchemist

Another top favourite among travelers that will take onto self discovery and leave struck with questions. This a must read before , during and after you travel anywhere. It’s also aclassic!

18. The Great Gabsy

if you ever been inspired by the movie to do a party, then you will love this book as in-depth book that is still relevant as it adds the elements of lost loves, wanting to belong and can tingle mysteries junkies like me.

17. The God of Small of Things

One of the most inspiring storytelling Indian author Arundhati Roy with a story of family and tradition that leaves you both feeling peaceful, grateful and yet devastated as she adds the elements of disappointment, violence and forgiveness.

16. Infidel

An inspiring story of the Somalian-Dutch political figure Ayaan Hirsi Ali who survived many tragedies and continued to grow both personally and politically. This will encourage you to stand up and fight for what you believe.

15. The book Of Negroes

Another one of my favourites, written by Lawrence Hill tales the slaves who express the depth emotions from childhood to adulthood. This also based on the true documentation of then living slaves of that time.

14. Midnight’s Children

This magical story tales of the tales many children born at midnight who recount both magnificent and befitting elements of privilege and the curses of life.

13. Joy Luck Club

A phenomenal tale of the relationship between mother and daughters in the Asian Community. Writer Amy Tan establishes the connections of motherhood, womanhood and multi-culturalism are. This one hits at home as a first-generation immigrant

12. A midnight’ s Summer Dream

A famous story of love and tragedy written by William Shakespeare. Within the playwright this tales of two men who love with the same woman. Shakespeare establishes complexity of what love and family is.

11. Wuthering Heights

A great German feminist tale was written by Emily Bronte of a young woman growing into Independence at the times of the 1800s.

10. Crime and Puinish

This murderous book is must have for everyone ! If you like me and true crimes. Written by Russian author Fydor Dostoyevsky will leave you intrigue, awe and confusion if you haven’t figured what happened.


Madeline Miller rewrites this greek god and humanizes her story, turns from a young hopeful child to powerhouse witch and mother. Throughout the book, the audience is left to sympathize with characters as each is able to release the complexity of family and womanhood.

8. To kill a Mockingbird

You either love it or hate it, it really depends on the reader. Written a Harper Lee tells the story of an accused black man who didn’t commit a crime of rape.

7. Wild Swans: Three Daugthers of China

A fantastic fictional story of three generational women of Chinese descant that establishes the intimacy of a memoir and further adds the elements of love and tragedy.

6. Untamed

A phenomenal autobiographic of activist and author Glennon Doyle who writes a sensational experience of love, loss and life. This one for ages!

5. Butterfly’s Child

A love letter to childhood , a resentment to old parents and cry for help as one man drowning in the life. Author Angela Davis-Gardner is able to penetrate an audience with the connection that most people have about their childhood and life.


Another fanastic story from an Indian Writer Jhumpa Lahiri, trailblazers through traditions of the modern India.

3. The Nightingale

This historical fiction story tells the story of young girl in France who has her village invaded in the first world War .This book will make you question of your perception of life and self -discover. And this why its one top three for me.

2. The Help

A favourite among many ,I have not personal read this one, but highly recommend it if you have watched the movie to read . Author Kathryn Stockett takes you back in time of the segregated servants who decide their futures by writing their experiences through young journalist .

Here are some Ocean bits before No. 1

  • Life of PI
  • A Fine Balance
  • Rooftops of Tehran
  • Crazy Rich Asians
  • The Handmaiden’s Tale
  • The spaces between Us

1. The Bluest Eyes

Personal favourite of mine, Author Toni Morrison tales the story of internal racism through the eyes of six year-old girl who wants to be white, have blonde and of course the bluest eyes. This impact story encourages self love, acceptance of oneself and color their skin

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