Top 15 travel destinations to inspire a Summer Fling

*Due to travel current restrictions from the Corona virus , this blog “In Oceanview ” or I is in no way are encouraging travel to happen while restrictions are still up.*

Whether you falling in love or fleeing from your problems of these destinations will inspire a fling to fling. Truth be told, you can find a summer fling anywhere both locally and internationally. But oh, how fun to do IT far and wide. So come on down to these 15 angelic travel Destinations that will cloud your judgement!

15.Vienna, AUSTRIA

If you watched the ” Before Sunset ” trilogy, then you know why this comes to number fifteen on this list. This mix of nature and industrial,the country like its European neighboring countries can found be where people can find lust in first sight.

14. Paris, FRANCE

Its already the city of love, but did you it’s also a common place for oneself to find a summer fling. Whether you’re love affair the architecture, fashion, food and people. This destination alone is where most secrets end up being sealed.

13. Rome, ITALY

Another European country that makes you fall over heels in over with its arousing culture, intimidating home-cooked meals and did I mention it’s fashion and food. I don’t about you, but I can hear the Opera singing!

12. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Already known to some as Lucifer’s paradise or Sin City. Most are able to find their lustful attitude to come out, whether you going in the money or hot people. This place to be anyone if even for a day, unless you Robert DeNiro there isn’t a line worth crossing.

11. Lagos,NIGERIA

This popular Country and city has been hustling in every area of the entire human civilization. From being one place that had female doctors to be one of the favourite places that produce inherited bad movies that I never seem to stop watching. With all that being said, its where most can find unexpected feelings of love and Lust.

10. London ,ENGLAND

Home to many Iconic musicians, one infamous news anchor and a birthplace half William Shakespeare. This small country and city alone will make you fall in love with its dark humour, clouding weather and heart-throbbing accented people. There is no way to avoid feeling, smell and taste of a summer fling.

9. Glasgow, SCOTLAND

If you watched, read and listened to the Scottish , it’s kinda hard not fan over the entire country, people and most importantly the LANDSCAPE. Rare it is, that such land can overpower someone senses with its landscape alone, now imagine there if there was a person involved how difficult would it be not spent a summer without a fling.

8. Ireland,Ireland

If thinking all the Irish beer and food, I am happy to say that not the only thing left in the menu for your appetite. From its outstanding culture, history and again its land. Travellers can an affair to remember whether with a partner or not. Hopefully, you can find luck there!

7. Tokyo, JAPAN

Another amazing destination that has been stealing the hearts of foreigners all over.Whether its an amazing city or its cherry tree. If you’re the first-time traveller this should be one place to pop that traveller cherry. Moreover, since the First World War, it’s been one of many Asian countries that have been apart of the Summer fling tales.

6. Beijing, CHINA

This marvellous city and country has been gain popularity a lot lately and not in a nice away during these times. Before everything went upside in the world, this was a place to find fling that where quickly turned into a romance. And that can be said for the food, fashion and skincare routines!

5. Skopeloes, GREECE

If you wondering why this place sounds familiar, I grantee you, you are not wrong to the question this weird familiar place. That’s because of this place where most films such as Mama Mia and Sisterhood of the travelling pants. However, this one place to start a steamy fling that takes you years to get OVER!

4. Mumbai,INDIA

This euphoric and peaceful city is the best of Summer Flings, whether you intended fall prey or not into this amazing city, culture, food and people. Since the beginning of time, this has been the place where people wed, wept and most importantly were found enlighted with love.

3. Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

If you fan the CW shows that are continuously shooting there, then you definitely will this urban city with its natural parks, its friendly people and amazing food. When there are Canadians involved its hard to feel cold. The cold who?

2.New Orleans, USA

This bewitching city will have you eating out of your body from the food, festivities to the nightlife there is no place to hide from the magic. That is until you reach for your last breath, what’s not resist such spells of lust and love.

Here are some Oceanbits Before No.1

  • San Francisco, California, USA
  • Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  • Budapest, HUNGARY
  • Rio de Janeiro , BRAZIL

1. Havana,Cuba

If you been thinking about that Havana Song, I am not judging you since its the place where your grandma found her first love and continues to be the place of summer flings. It’s kind of an awestruck to know that city, food, fashion and people can increase your heart rate!

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