30 Secret Hidden Travel Gems

*Due to travel current restrictions from the Corona virus , this blog “In Oceanview ” or I is in no way are encouraging travel to happen while restrictions are still up.*

OH! Paradise where are you? Can you keep a secret? I know I can’t, that’s why I am telling you all the hidden gems you can find without having to worry. Either way, you will be in the know with where to GO!

Photo by Tu1ef7 Huu1ef3nh on Pexels.com

30. Mantua, Italy

Oh ITALIA! This once overcrowding destination hasn’t stopped been the Number hit of Europe. It wasn’t until 2019 the country had the best kept- secret to travel out. This city has a match both worlds for travellers as it brings both architecture and Art. If you love both architecture and Art, but you wanna keep it your best-kept version of paradise. Then Shh!

Photo By : Lola Akinmade

29. Bosnia, Bosnia

A country well under wraps and secluded had its wave of heavy tourism in recent years and continues to rise! With Magnificent view, thrilling chills for every Adventurer, photographer and historical fanatic. Among being amazing, this small country is one of Europe’s Hidden Treasure for sure!

Photo by Dragan Tomiu0107

28. Vipava Valley , Slovenia

If you’re like me and you live for sustainable travelling, then look further than Vipava Valley Slovenia. This Destination will melt your heart with its Natural locations, outdoor activities and most importantly, you can be whoever. A small big paradise.

Photo By :  Linda Whitwam

27. Durham, England

Although its been a while since I lasted travelled to England. Durham will leave you flabbergasted with it’s intensifying castles and nature Scenic views. Durham has been a haven for many of our favourite British shows, films and musicians. If you visit there long enough then you will forget all about your home and regular life!

Photo by Pixabay

26. Cuenca, Spain

OLA, OLA! If you haven’t made Spain on your bucket list, then what are you doing ?! Spain being one phantom places that take your backpacking, cross-country European trip to the next level. Cuenca a city architectural beautiful places that have been under everyone’s raider that it take a day trip from Madrid.

Photo by Pixabay

25. Salta, Argentina

A scared place of many Indigenous communities in Argentina, this beautiful red rusty land is a perfect haven for those that love horseback riding, rafting and driving 4×4. This one for the books for thriller adventurer and enlighten spiritual seeker.

24. Huachana, Peru

A small secluded town in Peru providing everything from sandboarding to rustic shops that will leave peacefully. Let yourself Peru by!

23. Tropea, Italy

Another beautiful island in a transient country that transforms the journey of travel with its history, art and natural destinations.

22. Lake Nateron, Tanzania

What hasn’t been saying Tanzania! A country made poplar from films, Photography journalists and Scientist Goodall. This beauty has a hidden gem of a beautiful lake that will burn the skin of animal fur. So if I was you, I wouldn’t take a dive!

21. Botanical Garden,Montreal,Canada

A Canadian favourite in Montreal, this ” secret ” garden is breathtaking that you will Disney magical as you walk through the park. Further, this site to be seen, be seen and plus you will be able to hear the harmony of the birds.

20. Oahu, Hawaii

Aloha to your dreams! This magical American – Pacific island is the ambiguous version of paradise that has something for those seeking adventure, peace and most importantly nature.

19. Surigao del Sur, Philippines

An Asian treasure that keeps on giving! From the enchanting river to an amazing look of wildlife. There isn’t anything this small island can give.

18. Ladakh, The Himalayas

A scared and peaceful place that leaves traces of itself on your soul. One can say this seclude lake is the key to fulfillment and a fresh breath of Happiness! This is must add for your bucket list if you planning an all round trip to Asia.

17. Georgia,Georgia

I can only thank Dan flying solo for this one! This small and beautiful country has been a secret for decades! It ‘s beautiful landscape takes a live it’s own with an amazing appetite for adventure that an traveler seek their teeth to!

16. Ibaraki, Japan

The unknown desired place you needed to see in Japan! With its amazing field of red flowers and people. If you want to escape the busy city life of those famous architectural places this the place for you!

15. Salar de Unyuni, Bolvia

Airing lake and landscape is where you can you clear your mind and heart with beautiful serene views. This European country is one under rate places that needs exploration that it deserves.

14. Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

A beloved country that has provided your favourite dishes, your favourite monarch to even your favourite store IEKA! This country has gem that has yet to be discovered with it’s amazing winter scene and generous people.

13. Wadi Rum, Jordan

African Phenomenon that bring your Mad Max fantasy with its wavy sands that you can drive your jeep around. This country alone has fantastic history that you wanna dig up again,food you want to inhale all in one.

12. Mancora, Peru

Another Peruvian location that will leave you wanting more! With a beautiful landscape that has many activities that includes amazing activities such as swimming and yoga!

11. Andaman Island, India

An island that every traveler seeks including residents come vacation. Even though the controversies India has been receiving this small island can peaceful to filter out the stresses of your life. Plus with an epic name like that, how can this not must visit!

10. Ethiopia, Ethiopia

A enriching country that has amazing fashion, dream-worth coffee and landscape that needs to be treasured. If you planning to travelling to AWESOME Africa, make this one of your stops or at least your first stop if your coffee lover like me!

9. North Nambi Desert, Nambia

This country holds small personal memory for me! This desert has an amazing wildlife, great ocean beach and where you can Sand-board!

8. Sao Tome & Principe, Guinea

This western African island has a beautiful gulf that keeps on giving back! September and April are the months to see those sea turtles if you wanna be a part of that world!

7. Bansko National Park, Bulgeria

Another European that has been under your radar and has been brought to you by ones truly. This magical country has park that will be jaw-dropping with its amazing activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

6. Nisyros Island, Greece

This island has been under you noses since Greece has been THE travel destination forever! Considered a hidden gem that need to be explored and in recent years has been made famous like a Greek goddess that it is!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

5. San Marino,San Marino

Ever wanted to

4. Rangiroa, French Polynesia

3. Svalbard, Norway/North Pole

2. Quinta de Regaleira, Portugal 

This small Portuguese city needs to be your must stop city to visit as you going around through the country. An country with enriching culture and fashion, there’s no reason for not try the different traditions of this city . Plus it will be a great count on your list!

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Here are some before No. 1 !

  • Pingvallavatn Lake, Iceland
  • Ipiales, Colombia
  • Hinterbrühl, Austria
  • Kampong Thom, Cambodia
  • Shirakawa-gō/ Gokayama, Japan

1. Nosara, Costa Rica

With amazing wildlife, dance , rich food that will last forever,evolving history and art , Costa Rica has everything for everyone. Not worry, I am not sending you into juggle instead I am sending south away volcanic beaches where you can go surfing!

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com






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