20 Mind- Blowing College Travel Destinations

*Due to travel current restrictions from the Corona virus , this blog “In Oceanview ” or I is in no way are encouraging travel to happen while restrictions are still up.*

It’s that time year again, isn’t?? No it’s not that time of year. Just like all of you I am waiting for this year to O-V-E-R. Actually I’m talking about the most important time of anyone life. It’s College season Baby! Since you either one two types of people: Enthusiast or Permissive. A neurotic or relaxed person. Either way, I got 20 Mind-Blowing Destinations your dream about while you’re finishing/just starting your education! Good Luck and don’t Mess up your school year! ( Thanks Rupaul)

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com


Since it’s debut to world stage, this small European Country has been making waves for the cheap and young. With its affordable hotels and flights, there better be a song beating in your heart! If you love a mix of nature and city life, then is your go-to place when you graduate or s before start the wild roll coaster of your post secondary.

Photo by Timi Keszthelyi on Pexels.com

19. Amsterdam, Holland

Know for letting all lose, this european City can all you to drink all day , walk naked on the beach and even party all night. If you’re the life of party and you need destination with the same motto , then start planning a wild amount of fun before start or happily after.

Photo by Marlene Leppu00e4nen

18. Bali, Indonesia

Probably one of the most mentioned places for college students to travel from its cheap flights to profound healing.Bali alone is one the destination that picks you, loves you and enlightens.If you are explorer of all things spiritual, than this is place for you!

Photo by VisionPic .net on Pexels.com

17. Lima,Peru

This magnificent country has everything one college student needs from amazing wildlife to extraordinary people.There isn’t anything this small american can’t offer ? If you are travelling/explorer of all things green and different than this your destination.

Photo by Chelsea Cook

16. Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

If you wondered the smell crisp air , the sound of crickets and northern wild life. If you need to seek adventure and also camp than this for those in thrill of nature.I personally going in the winter as you can snowboarding, ice fishing snow tubing down a hill.

Photo by Sam Forson

15. Juneau, Alaska

Speaking of fishing, alaska is your to go place if enjoy the hunter ‘s life.Its great for thos who don’t want to experience the Northern Winter but still want go across North America as whole. Its also a great road with friends and family.

Photo by Sara Loeffler on Pexels.com

14. San Jose, Costa Rica

If you love to feel the heat, the passion of the people, geographical volcanoes and seductive wild life. Then look no further than Costa Rico! You can dance all night, see the cute sleuths that are die for n day and zipline on weekend. If you mixture of personalities, this your go- to before and and after you to go college.

Photo by Jose Acevedo

13. Manila, Philippines

If you are sense a pattern on this site,than you will know that this small island has ben a dream of mine to travel to. This asian has bit of everything for everyone from karaoke bars to the awesome wild. Its also the destination for friends, lovers and everything between.

Photo by Daniel Lazarov

12.Mumbai, India

Another spiritual destination for those seeking spiritual enlightenment but can’t afford, I have got the place for you! This understated city has more than enlightenment, it also provides adventure and romance. if love all three of things than this yours for keeps!

Photo by Artem Beliaikin

11.Bangkok, Thailand

Amazing city and country that will explore your exquisite taste of fashion, food, culture and art. If you are culture buff this country alone will have you explore out of body experience.It also for those who need a break from the regular stresses of life, Come Down to Bangkok!

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

10. Suan Juan, Puerto Rico, USA

If you love to party, understand history and enjoy the summer all year round. Then come down to Puerto Rico! A small wedged island is between North America and South America can give you the best of both worlds and culture.

Photo by Jo Kassis

9. Grand Canyon,Colorado, USA

If you ever wanted to go see those red sandy rocks but never had the money to fly across then don’t worry you can whole road trip of it and see all of America without spending of dollars, unless if you’re international person this ‘isn’t for you. ( sorry)

Photo by Jarod Lovekamp on Pexels.com

8. Niagara,Canada/USA

Besides being the water that has all pretty lights , this city has lot activity that are for everybody from family friendly activities to all adult things. If you are vegas person , than you will definitely Canadian version!

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

7. Tirana, Albina

If you wanted to explore Europe’s hidden gems start by exploring


5. Nicaragua,Nicaragua

4. Prague, Czech Republic

3.New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

2.Kathmandu, Nepal

1. Mexico City, Mexico

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