How to Travel Safely In 2021

*Due to travel current restrictions from the Corona virus , this blog “In Oceanview ” or I is in no way are encouraging travel to happen while restrictions are still up.*

OH 2020! What year this has been for all us, with its ups and downs and sidetracks. It has whirlwind of year that has left travelling – enthusiasts down. Bags packed and maps placed for now.But not to worry YOU soon will reuniting with them in 2021 . Here are some tips and locations that you can travel to when that boarder opens up!

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Travel has and always been a life style, it has affected the way we do business, pleasure and essentially live. Even though there are changes in current events , one thing hasn’t changed and that is to travel safely. As travel had become an essential way to transition from many things, people and life .It was encouraging motivator, comforting friend,an unexpected match-maker and Job Opportunity .

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Since there are no travelling currently, like many travelers I am hoping 2021 is year of travelling! There are so many destinations to see , go and eat around. But there is problems, you are going to face on your own. You can allow yourself to defeated by this year or you can CONQUER it. Just by following this health guidelines and my tips there is sure win in you trip.

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TIP 1: Always carry on a mask and Hand sainzitier


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