How to BE Self Confident

Introvert, Extrovert or maybe both. It does not might what personality type you have, everybody needs that boost of confidence. I am not saying that expert of Self confidence ,I’m still leaning myself how that do that! If you’re asking how does this having anything to do with travel , normally you’d be right,it doesn’t. Butin this in case it has everything to do wit,as it keep you safe, approachable and adaptable. So here are five ways to exude confidence .

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5. Identify your personality

Some of you knew you who were by the time you out of that womb. While others (like me) it took longgg time to figure out who we are. And that itself is okay. You don’t have to blend in a crowd it is perfectly ok to be the weird one in the room. Once you figure what personality suits you best then will you able to walk the streets abroad.

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4. Speak and Stand for your Truth

When you embrace your truth and speak freely it about. Even in the face of Trauma, you will need to stand and speak that truth . It does not mean you have tolerant to abuse or neglect, it means you have accepted the reality of things. Moreover, when you speak and stand by your truth,you are live freely in a small way.

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3. Change your Narrative

This one will contradict number four. But this one for introverts or those who have ever been bullied in life. If you don’t like the way your story is being told. You can simply change it. I am NOT encouraging lying in way. I AM however encouraging you to change

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2. Try anything new/ adjust

This easy said then done. Whether you are adolescent teenager who loves to experiment or the adult who loves to siting the corner of the party reading.This is one for you! It is perfectly okay to make adjustments in your life. It is even better when you try anything new for example speaking to that new guy/ girl/non-biary person you have been checking out. That can be start of something new.

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1. Treat yourself and Your life as Celebration

It is important to treat yourself and your life as celebration because there is no other beautiful thing in the world. I understand that its not easy to the beauty of things if you only exposed to the ugly things of life. It is worth try as boost your confidence in your self , life and encourages you to seek help and or help others.

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~ InOceanview~

*This opinion piece, not fact ! In Oceanview or I are in no way experts on all things travel !* if you have any suggest please comment down below!*

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