50 AWESTRUCK-Historical Travel Destinations TO Aspire

What does the past and present have common? Besides the obvious which are PEOPLE. But the other thing that past and present have common is History . If you love history and love learning then this list is for you! IN inspiration of going back to school and my love learning one’s past and current, I have given you my biggest list of the year , which include Fifty Travel destinations. That’s right, 5-0!

50. Athens, Greece

Home of Olympia, greek god and maybe math. Since beginning of time this small has graced all us with famous poems, stories, and physiological thoughts that make you question all of existence. Furthermore, did I forget to mention that small island will also bring into the joys of the locals as they have longest and happiest lifespan.

Photo by Josiah Lewis on Pexels.com

49. Petra, Jordan

If you were kid or even currently Adult and were inspired by all-things archaeological and youhave always

Photo by Jose Aragones on Pexels.com

48.Rome, Italy

Photo by Mark Neal on Pexels.com

47.Machu Picchu,Peru

Photo by Chelsea Cook on Pexels.com

46. Beijing,China

45. Angkor wat,Cambodia

Photo by VisionPic .net on Pexels.com

44. Budapest, Hungary

43. Agra, India

42.Cario, Egypt

41.Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

40.Tikal, Guatemala

39. Stonehenge, Sailsbury, England

38.Easter Island,Chile

37.The Alhambra,Granada

36.Chichén Itzá,Mexico

35.Sukhothai, Thailand

34. Berlin,Germany

33. Silk Road, East-Central Asia

32. Bagan, Myanmar

31. Borobudur, Indonesia

30.Lascaux and Lascaux II, France

29. South Africa,South Africa

28. Gaborone, Botswana

27.Curacao, Curacao

26. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

25. Jerusalem, Israel

24.Havana, Cuba

23. Itsukushima Shinto Shrine, Japan

22. Antoni Gaudi, Spain

21.Rila Monastery, Bulgaria

20. Istanbul,Turkey

19.Yellowstone National Park,Wyoming/ Montana /Idaho, USA

18. Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

17.Bali, Indonesia

16. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

15.Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

14. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

13.Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

12.Fez, Morocco

11. Mosul, Iraq

10. London, England

9.Scotland,Untied Kingdoms

8. Wales, Untied Kingdom

7.New York, New York,USA

6. Paris,France

5. Prague, Czech Republic

4.Persopolis, Iran

3.Timbuktu, Mali

2. Great Zimbabwe,Zimbabwe

1.Gondar, Ethiopia










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