Financial-SAVVY Travel Destinations

Are you penny pincher?Maybe you are college student who desires to travel, but who doesn’t have the funds. Are you family person looking for that fun trip that everyone can enjoy. Not a problem! Here 15 Financial Savvy Travel destinations for you to go!

Photo by Nick Bondarev on

15. Mumbai, India

If you need a

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on

14. Hanoi, Vietnam

Photo by thanhhoa tran on

13. Phnom Penh, Camiboda

Photo by James Wheeler on

12. Dali, China

11. Bali, Indonesia

Photo by Aron Visuals on

10. Bucharest, Romania

Photo by Pixabay on

9.Mexico city,Mexico

8. Bogota, Colombia

Photo by Jennifer Poole on

7. Guatemala City ,Guatemala

6. Phoenix, Arizona,USA

Photo by Patrick Boyer on

5. Las Vegas, Nevenda, USA

4. Suva, Fiji

3. Windhoek,Namibia


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