10 Top Canadian Cities to fall over

Grab that pumpkin spice latte,your favourite blanket, your maple flavoured pancakes and tune in your favourite Celine Dion. In honor of this beautiful country, the canadian “Thanksgiving” and fall, here are 10 TOP CANADIAN Cities.

10. Whitehorse , Yukon, Canada

If you love nature, dog slide and the wild. This small city has everything that a thrill- seeker needs. It also one the few places where you experience the northern lights hitting from Alaska. Moreover, if you need a good place to go camping or glamping for others .

Photo by Benjamin Suter on Pexels.com

9. Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

One of Canada’s artistic places to travel for those who live for the ARTS. It is also a phenomenon for those that love science and natural history. Museums should visit if you ever get to experience THE Saskatchewan LIFE include Mackenzie Art Gallery.

Photo by Louis on Pexels.com

8. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Home of where some of your favourite Hallmark movies and netflix series are shot. This marvelous city is also known being picture perfect. This destination is those who love to be photographers in life.

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com

7. Vancouver, British Columbia

Speaking of British Columbia,this city alone is know for having the best architecture and realtor status.This city has one of the few hockey teams that are good. Did I forget to mention it is also the home of where some of my favourite netflix series are shot such as Riverdale and Sabrina the teen witch.

6. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The BIG 6ix in the House! This city I still love to go to , WHEN I want experience the party life , or go to a little bit of the world. This city is great for those all about the party, but it can be those need a quiet place to read while the jazz music plays in the background.

Photo by Louis on Pexels.com

5. St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada

Being one of Canada’s oldest city to date, this city has everything that a history buff and animals lovers are looking for. If you want to experience the beauty of Whales , and sea life than look further than St. Johns.

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

4. Fredicton, New Brunswick, Canada

If you love sea food and do some fishing for your dinner,than you would love to visit this city has it has one of Canada fresh produce of fish than city is for you!

Photo By http://www.immigration.ca

3. Halifax, Nova Scotia

A city of multi dimensions that has something for everybody from amazing water activities to the club life . There is anything that this city can not do wrong!

2. Ottawa,Ontario, Canada

If you ever been to Canada, than you know that this place to be see the house of our amazing prime minister ! But did you its also the seasonal place to be in winter and spring if you want to explore the outdoor.

Here are some Oceanbits before No. 1

  • Winnipeg
Photo By umanitoba.ca
  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Photo By i.huffpost.com
  • Quebec City
Photo By goop.com
  • Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Photo by Oliver King on Pexels.com

1.Montreal, Quebec, Canada

If you have been on this blog long enough you will know why this city is on my number 1 list to visit. It has the arts, food and nature . It also doesn’t hurt that it kinds looks like france. If you are an absolute food and this should be first stop too!

Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com


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