31 Spooky Travel Destinations

Hello Ghouls! Have you ever been spooked or haunted? Seen a black cat roaming or maybe you fan of all things sinful. No matter, what sends you the thrills it cannot compare to to these destinations. In this special edition of Inoceanview, I’m not just giving the basic im upgrading you to first class with 31 destinations to go all out for your special halloween!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

31. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

30. Scotland, UNTIED KINGDOM

29. Romina, ROMANIA

28.Mexico city, MEXICO

27. Massachusetts,USA

26. Paris, FRANCE

25. Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

24. Los Angeles, California, USA

23. Gloucestershire,England, UNTIED KINGDOM

22. Palermo,sicily, ITALY


19. Russia, RUSSIA

18. Bangkok, Thailand

17. Arizona, USA

16.New York,USA


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