Musicians of the Week

Ever wanted that perfect song to put on a playlist to listen while on road trip or on the the way to the airport. Or maybe you need Here are TEN musicians of that Inoceanview would recommend to give a listen to for this week!

10. Billie Eilish

This artist has been making many Ocean eyes since her debut with many hits that just hit in the right spots with feeling. At only 18 years-old she has accomplished a lot in her career, which to be honest kind of makes a majority fall in love and break up with the imagery partners again. She’s everything I wanted to have on playlist and should be included on yours too!

9. Hera Menard

One of Quebec’s favourite Country musicians,Hera Menard has been making and setting the Montreal scene with her poetic sound voice and Knockin on Heaven’s door with her angelic instrumental sound that just send me and many back to the beautiful French- Canadian Countryside and there’s is nowhere you can be in an EMPTY MOOD.

8. Michael Jackson

Whether you love or Hate him,he has been King of pop for decades. Michael was a smooth criminal to many young hearts and makes the older generation SCREAM with hits. Although no longer with us , you can still hear this Legend on your playlist on the way to a beautiful destination that will Rock with You!

7. Biggie Smalls

6.Gloria Estefan

5. Janet Jackson

4. Emily Estefan

3. Lauryn Hill

2. Harry Styles

1.Tupac Shakur


Personal Opinion

Who was your favourite ARTIST this week ? Who would you would you reccomend to listen to next week ? Comment down below!

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