THANK YOU! ( Round Two!)


I am honoured be to founder/ writer for this blog and this year has been whirlwind of a year that tested many people including myself especially when it came to creating and writing for this blog. I have have learned lot from many that have continued to follow this blog and give me advise me on how to grow this blog in the background . I want to thank all the people that follow InOceanview and welcome those who are new to this blog. I had the incredible opportunity to talk and write about one of my favourite passion which is and will always be Travel. In 2021, I am going to make this blog better with the following from people who share the same passion.

I may not be GOOD at being a travel blogger, I and InOceanview are very thankful to those who have stuck around and continue to do so as this Blog grows into something amazing and ultimately allows me to grow.

As the new year has approached, I have new ideas and approaches to this blog that will be mind-blowing that exceed all things travel and include other topics that play along side travel such as beauty, finance and safety.

Please Check Out my New podcast Oceanside on Spotify or wherever you get your podcast on Mondays at 2 PM EST beginning on Jan 11. 2021! Also, keep up with InOceanview on Wednesday and Fridays at 12 and 6 PM EST starting Jan 13. 2021! See you then!

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