Dare il Benvenuto! Come explore Italy through your kitchen from the homemade pizza to the dreamy taste Tiramisu. Even in the dead winter come taste the sweet warmth of Nona’s hot and made well expresso in the morning. If food has been the great love of life , as it has been mine you will be a great surprise. To start, I AM to wine country and one food’s best destination: Italy! Here you experience five recipes of the country We’ll be exploring every Wednesday at 6 PM EST and YOU will see three ways how each dish is made and there you see my own version recipe!

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

Classic Pasta

This beautiful dish has often been described as warm hug from your Italian grandmother and who I am to argue with grandma? There are variety of ways to make this beautiful dish and pair it with amazing beverages from a simple red wine to even your juice box when feeding your 2-year-old.

Spaghetti Punttun

By Martha Stewart

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