“On the Road” Destinations

*Due to travel current restrictions from the Coronavirus, this blog “In Oceanview ” or I am in no way is encouraging travel to happen while restrictions are still up.*

Are you Short on Cash? Need to escape from the world, but can’t afford the plane ticket. Need an excuse to go on the road. Whether you’re a college, high school kid or an adult that’s about to have your daily breakdown, this is essential. Now it the Time to pack those favourite CDs or in this case like most of Gen Z like myself pack that road trip. Here are 15 “On the Road destinations based on the continent you’re in. *Comment Down below which continent is yours? *


Ontario : This province is known to be the diverse by providing different scenic views from the deep green forest to the busy city.

Quebec: If you want to meet France’s Cousin, look no further than Quebec as this province gives travelers European aesthetic that allows you to live the French dream while the music blast in the background.

New Brunswick: If you are in love with the nature and seafood, this province is for you ! You can find the peace of warm scent of the sea, food and embrace the kindness of the people.

Nova Scotia: Unlike its counterpart this province is known as the fisherman’s paradise as it provides the opportunity for those that love fishing, hunting giving the opportunity for reader and painters like me the chance to thrive in inspiration of the simple rocky green hill.

Prince Edward Island (PEI):


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