How Travel influenced Black History

*Due to travel current restrictions from the Corona virus , this blog “In Oceanview ” or I is in no way are encouraging travel to happen while restrictions are still up.*

*Warning: Sensitive subject matters will be mentioned throughout this post so please be aware that this matter be a trigger for you. If you find this to be a trigger, you don’t have to read it. *

Do you have a early memories of learning black History ? What was it? For some us, it allowed us to reconnect to our ancestry and while for others it was reaffirming unrecognizable truth. But for me as someone who immigrated to Canada from South Africa , black history has been constant factor of my life just as much as Travel. Recently, I was reading the ” Ain’t I a woman” By Bell hooks and I thought about how travel has influenced the way black history is told, seen and heard. Travel has been the front runner of many people’s lives this especially true for black people. In this post we going to explore how travel has influenced black history. Can you further learn more on this topic from my view on my Podcast Oceanside on Spotify and other streaming sites at 2 PM EST this Friday.


Travel has been essential to human even before it was recorded into the books . This seen in African history before slavery was a thing. Many African leaders travelled over continent of Africa with our jewelry, clothing , and deck goods such as seafood, coffees and war strategies. Moreover, travel gained popularity for black people before slavery by allowing many Africans in tribes to explore the entire conient to find new life to live.

Travel has given black people like me the opportunity to see what life, love and most importantly platform to exist in society that constant devalues it. Travel itself has never looked the colours, sexuality, religion, education and economic statuses of individuals. People and society do.

Travel is very intersectional when it comes to it’s influence all over person individual life whether its in their career, love life, family or simple in their hobbies . This rings very to me as someone who is a African- Canadian first generation Immigrant woman who is proud to appreciate their African heritage has a half Zimbabwean and Motswana.

With that being said, let us take a look back on history for black people regarding travel. It has always been a positive experience for some us and our ancestors. This still the case today in way too many instances .


As mentioned in the introduction. Travel always existed in many peoples live. Especially for black role during this time period. This evident as African rulers would travel by sea, horse and obviously by foot, since cars weren’t invented yet. But during this time rulers would travel far and wide for things such as trade, negations, marriages, and the most importantly food if they need to go hunting. An example of this can been seen or read , is with African rulers such as King Tutantankhamun or TUT, his ferocious wife Queen Nefertiti, Cleopatra, Amantu, Makeda and Shaka Zulu.

This was also common for villagers who would travel to make an economic for their families , win the hand of their lovers, or once again for food. This all changed in between the 14th-16th century when the colonization came into fruition is where we see the influence travel has on Black history and its people FOREVER.


Travel starts to spark in popularity as colonization between the 14- 16th century becomes the trend of many European Citizens. This was especially common among the English, Dutch , French and Spanish as they travelled in huge population over the Continent of Africa starting from North to South. Many Africans were captured and enslaved put in crates and under the deck without the hope of meeting their families, the land they grow up in again. This was poplar in Countries such as the Untied States, Canada, Britain and France to name a few. Enslaved People also included many from Indigenous and Asian backgrounds.

During this time, travel meant a lot of things to black people , Travel was a symbol of freedom, change and even sometimes entrapment . Because travel and colonization black people for very long ( 400+years) time had no sign of hope, That was until some very brave black people at the time used travel to find freedom, change culture and the policies created to hold Black people down, such people include Harriet Tubman, Ida Wells, Fedrick Douglas, Sojourner Truth , Samuel Ringgold Ward/( Canadian) and many MORE.


After Slavery was abolished both in Untied States and Canada, in history we get witness the positive aspect travel makes for black people as they were able to travel far from the old remains of their enslaved lives , this also allows

Jim-Crow/Immigration Era

CIVIL/ Women/Gay Rights Movement



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