16 Jobs that IGNITE YOUR love of Travel

Are you in college or high school and thinking about college and your future? Have you received the question that most ask which include the : What do you want to life? Or maybe you’re kid that needs inspiration for the future but you don’t want to be stuck in one place? Or are you the retiree that wants to back on the horse one last time? Whoever you are, whatever you want to be can happen while you get to see the the World. Here are 16 Jobs that will and can ignite YOUR love of Travel !


15. Volunteer

14. Fashion Designer

13. Photographer

12. Teacher/ Translator/ Tour Guide

11. Stylist

10. Hairdresser

9. DJ/Musician

8. Business Person

7. Artist/ Animator/Narrator

6. Engineer/Architect

5. Wedding/Event planner

4. Archeologist/Scientist

3. Uber/Truck Driver


Here some Oceanbits before No.1

  • Construction Manger

  • Roadie

  • FBI Agent/Law Official/Forensic

  • Miltary/NAVY/ AIRFORCE

  • International Lawyer

  • Personal Shopper

  • SKI Instructor

  • Blogger/ Journalist/Writer

1.Flight Attendant



Personal Opinions

*Comment down below which one surprised you,? Which one do you currently have or wish to have?*

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