Travel Destinations BASED On Broadway

Welcome all! Enter to the beauty and fame of Travel . Feast your eyes on these destinations through the eyes of Theatre. Whether you were into theatre or not , you must have seen on play brought on Broadway based these destinations . Here are 15 destinations that are inspired in Broadway .

15. Les Miserable| Paris| FRANCE

14.Lion King| Nairobi| KENYA

13. Mama Mia| Santorini| Greece

12. Chicago| Chicago| USA

11. West Side Story| New York| USA

10. Miss Saigon | Hanoi |VIETNAM

9. Evita |Bueno Aries| ARGENTINA

8. Romeo and Juliet| ROME| ITALY

7. King and I| Bangkok| THAILAND

8. Into the Woods| London| ENGLAND

7.Prince of Egypt| Cairo| EGYPT

6. Aladdin| Agra| INDIA

5. Come From Away| Gander| Newfoundland | CANADA

4. Hadestown| Athens| Greece

3. Wizard of the OZ| Kansas| USA

2. Fiddler On The Roof| Moscow| Russia

1. Frozen| Oslo| NORWAY

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