How travel influenced the FOOD INDUSTRY

Calling all foodies! Whether you’re home cook or takeout expert. Or a professional. We have to admit travel and food are just * Chef’s kiss* together. If you haven’t read my article on Foodie Desinations from last year what you are doing ?! Also, travel has brought some of our favourite dishes into kitchens and stomachs and life socially. But how so? Well let me tell you something about travel and food they share a very interesting history together, they brought the best and worst of times in our lives. With that said lets look in the history of food and travel. Shall we. * Comment down below your favourite dish. ( Mine is Italian)*


Have you looked into your refrigerator or the cabinets of your kitchen lately? What about that takeout order you’ve been ordering for the past year while you stuck home. No? Okay, I guess it’s just me. As I was cooking one of my favourite dishes: Pad Thai, I thought about travel and food. More importantly, the influence they had on each other. This more evident from appetizers, drinks main dish or even the dessert you pick. You don’t have to go around the WORLD






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