What Travelling is like with MY Disability & Blackness

“Travelling is stressful… said by every traveller. To start of Frank, would be an understatement. When you’re child, often you grow up realizing the difference you have between you and your other peers. Whether that’s your economical status, material status, race, gender, sexuality, or disability. Each person has struggle in life and when you are travelling that struggle is further heightened because of your own prejudices, insecurities and sometimes ignorance. Unfortunately for many of us just like who are black disabled and a woman there so many things we face when travelling.


When I look at news and the world around, I often feel three things. One is hopefulness , second is openness and finally pure panic. The reason I often have these feelings is simply that I’m cautiously optimistic for the world and myself. Especially when I travel as I ask myself these questions “ Will I be racially profiled ?Will they accept my disability as real or will they give me special treatment to avoid the awkwardness of WHO I am? Would I have to explain myself to super judgemental, racist and ableist flight attendant?” Finally, when I think of my questions I get that hopefulness and openness because I believe as human beings we are more than what we are news, in this life and ourselves.

Furthermore, because of travel I got experience the amazing side of humanity, where complete strangers offer their hospitality to the unknown that eventually become known. I seen people gain the power to be authentically themselves without fear and spread the love everybody in every corner of the world needs. But unfortunately, I have also seen through travel the unjust prejudices and hateful spew that many individuals give to one another.

For further content , I have Cerebral palsy and ADHD. Or what most call CP. Cerebral Palsy is a group of disorders that often affects a person’s ability to have movement , it means maintain balance and posture. As for ADHD it stands forAttention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.  With Cerebral Palsy , like most things in this it comes in pair of three or in spectrum which come as mild , moderate or severe. There are also different types. In my case, MY Cerebral Palsy is mild and the type I have is called hemiparesis which often affects both the arm and leg on one side of the body. For me that would be to the left .

To learn more about Cerebral Palsy and race relation regarding travel , go to Cerebral Palsy. Org first and then Facebook page of Red Table Talk and and other sites I link onto my blog.

With all that said, here both the negative and positive experiences I had while travelling with MY disability and blackness.

The Positives

1.I became MY own Advocate

Ie I

3. I got A Gain of Self Acceptance/Gratitude

4.I gained Empathy

5. I Got confident in my individual

The negatives

1. I got the Fear of being Racially Profiled

As I have mentioned each person as struggle of their own and can always be heightened

2. I got Travel Anxiety and Depression

3. I got the Fear of disability Discrimination

4. I got Low self


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