“WHY Slowing travel SHOULD be on YOUR RADAR?”

WOAH …. slow down, I can see the pull of your hair everywhere, the tired eyes of staying up trying to find the ultimate vacation to memorable and the obvious mess of your planing and room. If you are wondering why I know this that is because I was YOU. It is not fun to travel when you’re YOUNG, still living with some else and the economy of your society is way TOO high and expensive. But WHAT IF I told you that you avoid all those stresses of travel and still keep your youth , money and while have wait for it… FUN. Before you ask … not to worry I have the answers.

Blank Canvas

Each of us has our time on this earth. We all share 24 hours, 7 days in week , 365 days in a year. What makes time valuable is how, we spend it and who we spend with it. But have you ever thought the Where and Why part of time? What I mean by this is that we spend a lot of efforts trying to make up time with people around us and how we are spend our time together. This often leads to find the perfect place and reason to go travel and make a useful time of it.

In everyday life, as a society we told the location and reason doesn’t matter when you trying to spend time with the important people in your life. This could not be further from truth as it does matter. Especially if you are teenager, a college student, an engaged and or a family person and a retiree. So what about rest of us middle, the single 20- 40 something adult who has passed the teenage , college phase and isn’t engaged, doesn’t have a family and hasn’t retired yet? Where does our time go and why does it seem that we don’t have enough of it? The simple truth is we don’t and that is because we are make plans for the future, chasing the next adventure and seeking fastest , latest thing this world has to offer. Unlike, teenager, engaged or family person and retiree each of them has the time to be present in their life, although yes they are still planning for the future. They are able to slow down, be present and take the scenery of their surrounding, hear from others, see and feel different experiences , smell and taste beyond their limits.

Wondering how it relates to slow travel? Well patience there my friend. We’ll have start from Basics , then add a touch of colour, blend it out and then finally add those small details. Yes, these are describing of how to make a painting.

Photo by Ann Nekr on Pexels.com


Like in art, we have the basics to flow, but we don’t have to follow in sequences. For example, artist does a base for their painting. The questions both an artist and writers ask regarding What, Who,Where,Why, When and occasionally How.

Can these questions be applied to travel? The answer is yes it can. But to do that we have to start with Five Ws.

WHAT- Slow travel is practice that allows you to form meaningful connection through your travel or travels. This helps you to gain different perspectives, it can also help you to rediscover yourself, your family, friends and most importantly your life. Finally, Slow travel allows you smell the rose

WHO-Slow travel is for everyone. This can be done by individual or with others. This one is just key as Where, Why and How. Simply it opens the opportunity to play just the way you did as kid and now you get to do that as adult. Once you discover the Who part of slow travel, there is short chance you won’t want to go back.

WHERE Slow travel can be done anywhere. This part is very meaningful because this where rebirth, discovery and sometimes event can occur. It can be a physical or spiritual location you can visit over and over again.

WHY- With slow travel, there can be or not a reason. This part is up to you. Slow travel allows to form deep connections, open up a form of communication with yourself and others. It can also give you reason to keep moving forward. Unlike vacation there is no time stamp with slow travel. There is no right or wrong. It can also bring you a sense of moral when you go back!

WHEN- This part may or not be as important Who, Where, Why and even the How of slow travel because as I mentioned there is no time stamp and it can done from anywhere, by whoever and Whenever!

HOW- This is one is where you can find stress as it involves planning, budgeting and again time. With slow travel it can be effort to fully practice without the panic.

As I mentioned earlier like artist or a writer we have to start with the basics which do not only include us asking this questions but adding a base for what our painting is. This typically done in one or two layers with one or more solid colours.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

Touch of Colour

Normally this part of painting is messy because you don’t know what the is to expect but you know the results are going to be beautiful and mind-blowing. But in slow travel the touch of colour is getting to into the culture of things, forming and transforming yourself into something else it can be also the opportunity to shift your your perspective, ideas and feelings that surround you and the view you have of world.

With touch of touch of colour in painting you get to experiment, learn, feel and ask questions without judgement. The same can said with slow travel where you able to connect all your senses and have a small gathering with yourself. As I sitting writing this it is raining and I can hear sing and I am able to feel, smell and hear and of course have that sense of touch of colour with my current surroundings.

Photo by Jill Burrow on Pexels.com

Blend It OUT

As an artist the hardest part of making painting is having to blend this out so it cools good. But for audience the blending of textures ,colours and even sometimes the fabric can be complex which makes the symbolism hard to point out. Once you blend out the colours you have made you are now able to grow and expand.

in slow travel, blending it out of things involve heavy forms adapting, adjusting and confusion. But the results are just equally beautiful. When slow travel there can be number things that will stress from budget to the culture of your destinations to even the people. In order to blend out all those things you will have to let go and adapt your expectations.

Photo by Teona Swift on Pexels.com

Small Details

In story or painting, you add some small details which creates character, personality and storyline that make sense to you. In this small details the can be very meaningful to you the creator but doesn’t mean anything to a audience unless they make it their own.

With slow travel, the same sentiment applies as it doesn’t to have explain itself to you and other people. The experiences you form through slow travel are small and can make huge impact in ways that are not explicit and it can take days, months or years to see the small details that you and your travels unique.

Photo by Meruyert Gonullu on Pexels.com

Final Touches

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com





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