As the holiday season is up and ready, many of us are taking this time to reflect on ourselves and our actions. As for me, I have been gone away focusing on school, work and life. I know with the last two years *sigh* has interesting to say the least. We have traveled near and occasionally far achieve our goals of 2021. But one thing is still clear our curiosity hasn’t died down, our need to more has wilted. It had to evolve.

On this Christmas Eve, many of us would look forward to see our families and friends in person or on zoom. While the rest of us who either frontline workers or health conscious citizen deal with cripple fear of this pandemic becoming permeant. We need to stop asking ourselves : “What we/ I accomplish this year?”“Where did the time go?” “How was I useful?” As travel has become this bygone era where we did not get to use that vacation/sick to travel to Italy like we planned.

We had to adjust our expectations, take a couple breaks and refocus. Surrounded by the longest environment of fear, some of us including me were able to build, expand and repurpose ourselves in ways that felt near impossible. For example, this I graduated college , explored the province I am in a new light and build meaningful relationships with people worth knowing. i even got explore some of favourite parts of the world using tech.

Somewhere in Canada

Point being, as this holiday approaches and goes, give yourself the gift of self love, praise and understanding as this year did not go as planned. Making it okay. As you spend time with your family, take the time listen them, yourself and know that travel bug hasn’t died but it instead took a leave of absence for a moment. Using technology such as peloton(bit too early for that) or using the good old fashion treadmill we can imagine climbing the mountains of Machu Picchu or drinking matcha in the valleys of japan.

In conclusion, before the year ends spend time with loved ones, make that bucket list, seek adventure in the small things and most importantly feed that brain, soul and body with love knowing travel is just in ocean view.

Enjoy the holidays and see you in 2022!


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