How to BE Self Confident

Introvert, Extrovert or maybe both. It does not might what personality type you have, everybody needs that boost of confidence. I am not saying that expert of Self confidence ,I’m still leaning myself how that do that! If you’re asking how does this having anything to do with travel , normally you’d be right,it doesn’t. Butin this in case it has everything to do wit,as it keep you safe, approachable and adaptable. So here are five ways to exude confidence .

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5. Identify your personality

Some of you knew you who were by the time you out of that womb. While others (like me) it took longgg time to figure out who we are. And that itself is okay. You don’t have to blend in a crowd it is perfectly ok to be the weird one in the room. Once you figure what personality suits you best then will you able to walk the streets abroad.

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4. Speak and Stand for your Truth

When you embrace your truth and speak freely it about. Even in the face of Trauma, you will need to stand and speak that truth . It does not mean you have tolerant to abuse or neglect, it means you have accepted the reality of things. Moreover, when you speak and stand by your truth,you are live freely in a small way.

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3. Change your Narrative

This one will contradict number four. But this one for introverts or those who have ever been bullied in life. If you don’t like the way your story is being told. You can simply change it. I am NOT encouraging lying in way. I AM however encouraging you to change

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2. Try anything new/ adjust

This easy said then done. Whether you are adolescent teenager who loves to experiment or the adult who loves to siting the corner of the party reading.This is one for you! It is perfectly okay to make adjustments in your life. It is even better when you try anything new for example speaking to that new guy/ girl/non-biary person you have been checking out. That can be start of something new.

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1. Treat yourself and Your life as Celebration

It is important to treat yourself and your life as celebration because there is no other beautiful thing in the world. I understand that its not easy to the beauty of things if you only exposed to the ugly things of life. It is worth try as boost your confidence in your self , life and encourages you to seek help and or help others.

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*This opinion piece, not fact ! In Oceanview or I are in no way experts on all things travel !* if you have any suggest please comment down below!*

How to Travel Safely In 2021

*Due to travel current restrictions from the Corona virus , this blog “In Oceanview ” or I is in no way are encouraging travel to happen while restrictions are still up.*

OH 2020! What year this has been for all us, with its ups and downs and sidetracks. It has whirlwind of year that has left travelling – enthusiasts down. Bags packed and maps placed for now.But not to worry YOU soon will reuniting with them in 2021 . Here are some tips and locations that you can travel to when that boarder opens up!

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Travel has and always been a life style, it has affected the way we do business, pleasure and essentially live. Even though there are changes in current events , one thing hasn’t changed and that is to travel safely. As travel had become an essential way to transition from many things, people and life .It was encouraging motivator, comforting friend,an unexpected match-maker and Job Opportunity .

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Since there are no travelling currently, like many travelers I am hoping 2021 is year of travelling! There are so many destinations to see , go and eat around. But there is problems, you are going to face on your own. You can allow yourself to defeated by this year or you can CONQUER it. Just by following this health guidelines and my tips there is sure win in you trip.

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TIP 1: Always carry on a mask and Hand sainzitier


How to dress as a LOCAL when you’re Abroad

Ever wanted to blend in ? Or be maybe you are the type to stand out? Either way,you gonna need to dress the part. Since its already a crisis trying to travel the across many ponds, why you would need to have a crisis with the way to dress too? Here are TEN ways to dress as a LOCAL without losing your personal style and breaking the band. *Please comment below if you want a more detailed way to dress abroad *

10. Find Blendable items to wear

It is important find items that can go with anything and go anywhere. If you are going to specific Destination that requires you to dress specific make sure that you have accessories that will help you blend in.

Bonus:Always carry two of shirts, dresses, pants and accessories that don’t look too different/similar to the market out there.

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9.Wear shoes that can be your go-to

No what matter your wear, a shoe is suitable to you. As it can dress you UP or down. It wins the heart of the locals, protects from harm as tourist and on TOP of that you look great and feel comfortable.

Bonus: Carry out three different pair of shoes. that can carry you out for any for Event. E.G. Sneakers,boots, Heels ( for those who need a little boost like me)hiker shoes/ flats.

8. Carry Usable Undergarment(This everybody include your body)

Pardon me, if I am getting a lot personable.I know travel is usually all about experimentation. But when it comes to your Undergarments it probably best to go with, usability and common when travel a broad. But if you need to go sensual then carry favourites that you don’t wear often.

Bonus: Carry six of undergarments that can take on go! Add bonus if you are feeling the tonight. Moreover it is always okay to with the basic. E. G. Nude, Black,White, Gray. If you need to go sexy: Red,Pink, Purple , Green, Yellow, and Orange are the way to go.

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7. It’s all in the B-A-G

As much the luggage the important as it does carry all the clothes , accessories and the shoes. Its carry-on(s) you need be focused on as it will be the thing that is first check in and get you in and out of trouble .Depending on you situation(I am right),it can awkward going through security,hotel check in / out of why or what and even sometimes how you are carrying your bag.

Bonus: If you like me where you need more then one carry -on . Don’t worry! All you need is a BIG backpack, a small satchel and a wallet to carry and accessorize and no one will literally a thing.( Shh)

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6. What BIG/small eyes you have ( Eyewear)

Don’t need glasses to see. No problem! Need the impressive glasses to woo the crowd! I got what you need! It is important to accessorize those beautiful eyes as the can play vital role on who you want be for day, week, month or year!

bONUS : Carry three pairs of eyewear. If you wear contacts I suggest two of your contacts; ordinary and fun in your prescription and carry those sunglass proudly.

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5. When they go low, we go high! ( Accessible Bottoms)

SKIRTS, PANTS, SHORTS! Oh my! There is nothing better than be able to wear the most comfortable pair that can make you go from 100 to 0 just like that. As much you don’t need those pair jeans, there will come in handy.

Bonus : All great things come in two! So carry those two pair of jeans you have been trying to get into, thos bell bottoms you have stored in there forever or maybe that summer skirt you have been wait all year to wear!

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4. COAT on the floor!

If you feeling the badass that day! or maybe you want to be that diva! Whether you in the hot or cold, place there is no argument that coat can change the view of the locals and bystanders all around

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3. Stylin to GODS….!

WHAT CAN I SAY! When you are personalize the outfit you bought from that LOCAL store abroad. There nothing better ! From fun to Serious,there so many personalities to try out!

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2. It’s All about Skin!

SIGH! I know this a lot work, but its worth it. Besides look youthful for days, it important to have good or similar skin to Locals ( no it’s not okay to appropriate) . When you are able to incorporate the same skincare or share the same passion for skin care with culture. Now that impressive!

Bonus: Carry your favourite skincare in minis! Also, read ingredients if you want buy from the Local cause you could react!

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1. It’s all in the MakeUP

This one for all the girls and boys out there! I a’int anti makeup, I am all about the MAKEUP!! But here’s the thing, when you up in air,or in different country and you can’t find you shade, or are not to wear any at all. Here’s a little secret, you the more natural make up the more you will dress as LOCAL. But at its now the time to let your true self fly.

Bonus: Pack ALL favourites in smaller containers. or if you are eyeshadow holic than it always better to carry the mini. ( Plus you save money lookin good)

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*This opinion piece, not fact ! In Oceanview or I are in way experts on all things travel !* if you have any suggest please comment down below!

How to be a LOCAL while Traveling Abroad

*Due to travel current restrictions from the Coronavirus, this blog “In Oceanview ” or I am in no way is encouraging travel to happen while restrictions are still up.*

Have you ever wondered why many travellers had bad experiences abroad in the most beautiful places? WELL, WELL, Well let me tell you! There’s is no simple way of telling you this, but you are terrible tourist, and not to worry I got you! Here are FIVE easy way ” How to be a LOCAL while travel abroad. Check out my blog tomorrow at 12:30 pm for “How to dress LOCAL while traveling Abroad”

5. Know the CULTURE!

This easier said than done, many have they own idea of what the culture is they are traveling to! Before you go out of the country, please research how the culture of the destination, ask questions and more importantly lower your standards.

Here is bonus: Treat your destination as the new persons you never meet before. I know this one crazy but it is really helpful if you are anxious traveler. Treat it as new friend you wanna out with it everyday!

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4. Know the Geography

I know this one is a bit weird. But if you know destination inside and outside you will unlikely will need the help of the complete strangers. Plus this will also win bonus points with locals and make you seem like one them, even if you have different background from them.

Here is a Bonus: Treat the country has map to explored . This applies to to those who are more hands -on. Go out there be great explorer you are !

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3. Know the History

Whether your history buff, or not,it it important to know the history of country you’re traveling abroad to, as this sign of Respect of the people and land. This also ties into number No. 5 .

Here is a bonus: If you do not find the joy of quizzing yourself in all thing history and you’re r more relaxed than treat the history of your destination as story . But if you like me and you enjoy quizzing researching, than go ahead , make your choice!

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2. Learn little phrases of the Language

This one for those who want to go the extra length, weep the smug of look of some locals and win their hearts. This way to go! Not only will impress the locals, you impress yourself . It also depends on how phase your words. So caution to the wise: Think before you speak.

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1.Understand the Dress

If you loove fashion as much as I do, then you will understand why this No. 1! This one will help you to blend in or out of crowd. It will also expand your personal travel style or just general style. Can’t stress enough how important this is one, has it will get you out or in trouble.

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*This opinion piece, not fact ! In Oceanview or I are in way experts on all things travel !* if you have any suggest please comment down below!

How to be Young and Thriving!

Stepping into adulthood can be difficult for the most part if you don’t have the right people to guide you. Like most millennials, I struggle with being an adult. As going to the new age of this generation I have learned a lot about myself , world and truly most LIFE! From a being student to a dropout and stay home part travel blog I have picked up some things from here and there. Here are some tips to be young and thriving no matter the age!

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“ Seeking extra guidance does not make you weak.” There is always strength in your moments of weakness by allowing yourself to ask help. From family, therapy to partners each and very important person, thing and place hold a value towards the person you become at the moment. So ask for the Help!

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” Be yourself cause everybody is taken.” By building a healthy relationship with yourself, you can grow like a tree that is consistently growing over time, the same can be said for you too. No matter the starting point of your life whether you’re in the early stages of adulthood or you’re in the finish line. It is key to be yourself, honest and raw.

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“In face adversity, it is important to stand up for what is right.” This tip is easier said than done. Though, there are many injustices in the world some of it is in our own very homes! From hearing sexist, racist and self-harming brought forth into our lives it is important to know what your worth and the worth of others stand up against poor behavior. By adjusting our point of view ourselves and the world that is when the thriving can begin.

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“It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.” As quoted by the young Seneca, you should strive to financially stable without having any purpose first. In a time of the digital era, it is easy to fall trap of complacency. This was tricky for me as I am learning of the importance of money and with that being said: DO NOT BE A CARRIE! You need accountable for all the expenses to survive any environment both afar and close. Moreover, the more efficient you are with money, the closer you are to staying young and thriving proudly.

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If your friends and family don’t want to join you, just go alone.” The majority of women and your millennials have told it isn’t the wisest thing to do. But that is Garbage’s advice to listen. Most heightened experiences are done alone even when shared with someone else. By going on your own, self- regulation is being developed. As well, depending on the experience you have travelled alone: Either Hate it or Love it. But when you alone there is no judgement, no self-destruction, just love, pain, fear and laughter.

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Finally , when things don’t go your way just remember this : ” There is always a way.” Do the impossible, survive the survivable. Accept disappointment, fear or whatever the emotion you’re currently feeling for what it is. Not what it should or could be. By denying realty, you are putting yourself failure and I know YOU aren’t failure cause you checked this blog.

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