15 CHASING Pavement Destinations

Reality Bites! Since 2020, we have been stuck at home and had been experiencing “ Ground HogDay” for nearly 18 months. With things slowly opening many of us including me where we will be seeking our adventure. Here are 15 CHASING Pavement Destinations that will give us thrill of a chase.

If You’re Favourite Destination was a zodiac SiGN

Horoscopes there are everywhere! From our love to work life . They come into casual conversation ,determine our relationships, friendship and even yo professional live. Unlike a Buzzfeed quiz you get 50/50 chance on accurate reading. In time for spook season, let’s see what your favourite is a zodiac sign. Hope some of your favourite destination meet zodiac sign description.

25 Serene Destinations

Are Mystified by your life? Excited to see the world again after spending 18 months indoors watching re runs of your favourite shows. Well, it’s time to get up stretch those legs and practice those social skills unless you’re introvert then never mind. If you’re interested reading books, being one with nature and in most cases you want to run from literal problems. Let us on go on a journey of discovery and see 25 Serene Destinations.

22 FIlm BASEd DesTinations

Whether you are in front of the camera or behind it. Each of us capture a special place and relate to a moment that was impactful to your life at the time. Through film we are to visually bring our memories to live and give us the opportunity to meet people from yesterday and again insight to people in present, while all leaving a message to future. Through these destinations we are to focus on big and small moments that put our feeling through a ringer. Here are 22 FILM BASED Destinations that makes us remember to live forever.

20 VIbrate Destinations

Have you been feeling blue since we couldn’t travel? Yeah me too! Now that fall or autumn has reached our path I began to wonder what are the most colourful Destinations that liven up our dull grey lives when more restrictions are let down. Here 20 Vibrate Destinations that need to be added to our travel box.


As fall approaches, many of us will sitting in our houses drinking pumpkin lattes and reading our latest book to come out or planning for the upcoming festivities(Thanksgiving,Halloween,School or Work).The rest of us are planing to see our favourite destinations leaves begin to fall into the season. Even with restrictions up there is no way we can miss the sensual smell of crisp air and taste of fresh harvest! Here are 15 FANTASTIC Fall Destinations

21 CANDOUR Destinations

“Only you make one out of two after we have been trough, you keep on giving me a reason to see love through your eyes” Those are the lyrics by Breakbot, although he was referring to lover of this time. I was personally referring to our relationship to ourselves , where we sometimes lie to ourselves about things. Here are 21 CANDOUR Destinations to make honest person of ourselves!

20 PURIFYING Destinations

“It’s that here we go again..” we need to cleanse our bodies, minds, hearts from the Chaos called our lives, the world is slowly starting to open up but we not in the clear yet. Why don’t you unpack the stresses of the day and relax and listen to some music. Here are 20 Purifying Destinations to look forward to after long days work!