16 Sporting Destinations

Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer ( sorry UK Fans) Football! Oh my! If you love sports as much as I do. Sport is universal language that transients all the nasties of the world. Even if for moment, through the world of sports there is the sign championship and good sportsmanship. Here 16 Sport destinations to travel! Please comment on your favourite sport down below! My favourite sport (s) is Swimming and Basketball!

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16. Kolkata, India

Ahh ( sigh) India. Home of Ghandi, bollywood and great enlightenment. They’re also known for the sport named after insect. Cricket. I have personally played game and it it is fun and its confusing since i don’t how know to keep score.

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15.Barcelona, Spain

When you think of barcelona ,you normally think of the amazing paintings ,food,their interesting history and the bullfighting. But there is more to this beautiful country that has variety of different sports such as bull chasing, football (soccer) and human tower climbing. The also held the 1993 olympic games.

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14. Liverpool , England

If you were an 8 year-old kid and you work up at 8 am on a Saturday morning and sat with your parents to watch your favourite soccer team ( Mine is still Manchester). Home of soccer , water polo and horsebacking. This small and cultural country has been one the favourite destination of those who love soccer ( Once again, sorry UK fans).

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13. Paris, France

Normally, when france is mentioned in a blog, its known for the fashion , art and food. And you be right! But did you know this provincial country was where Lance Armstrong had his last race and bicycled his tour. Is known for its annually Tour de France and many of different cycling events.

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12. Istanbul, Turkey

Another country known for many things.But one of those is not wrestling. Turkey has many sporting events that are traditional.One of Turkey’s traditional sports include oil wrestling and leather pants. Turkey

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11. Dubai,Untied Arab Emirates

This beautiful small country is known for having beautiful markets, people and architecture. But did you know it’s also camel racing which very interesting for those haven’t camel before.

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10. Toronto, Canada

Oh Canada! True North! Everything you know about canada is true including our love sports. Hockey is one beloved sports nation wide. WE even have unofficial SPORT called LACROSSE, Toronto especially loves sports because we have three sport teams : Raptors, Maple Leafs and Toronto FC.

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9. Innsbruck,Austria

If you

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8. Glasgow, Scotland

This Marvelous country is known for being rough and suck on tradition. Which makes sense that will get the very loose tooth sport Rugby!

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7. Houston, Texas, USA

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6. Chicago, USA

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5. Philadelphia, USA

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4. Tokyo, Japan

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2. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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1.Auckland, New Zealand

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