Musicians of the Week

Need a new song to groove to this week? Need inspiration of your travels or at least your dreams? Here are the musicians of the week I personally listened to and I think you will love!

How I personally look listening to good MUSIC or my podcast Oceanside which you can listen to on Spotify!


If you a proud Canadian or just a huge fan of Pop Music, then shawn Mendes is your guy! This now 22- year-old musician and sensation has been breaking hearts of many young people with his smooth and voluminous voice with songs such as Stitches and Senorita. You Can listen to latest song on Spotify with Justin Bieber another proud Canadian!


Since coming to the music Industry, this power dynamic girl has been inspiring female power and pride through their music and hits with songs such as Woman like Me and Sweet Melody . This week I learned there’s raw beauty about being an woman through the music that I never I NEED! You can listen to their album on Spotify!


Speaking of making many young people swoon just simply with their music. I am speaking of ICONS and LEGENDS that put bratin into mayhem in the 1960s! This band has and still continues to inspire many with their indcredicale hits such as I want to hold your hand, Here comes the sun and Come together. My favourite song I listened over and over again is Here comes the sun as it reminds of Summer , hope and endless possibilities. If you are feeling a Little Hopeful you can listen to them on Spotify


After breaking free from the beatles, this visionary of ARTIST produced , wrote and sang songs of world peace, personally struggle, drug abuse and falling in love before he was tragically killed by his fan. He has continue to be a beacon of peace and the hippy lifestyles. My favourite songs him from includes Isolation, Imagine, Love , Cold Turkey and Power to the People . You can listen to all his hits on Spotify!


One of R&B KINGS from the 90s and 00s who has been the reason some of us are born. This to charting has been front and back stage making hit after hit and is still striving successfully with hits such as Back to ONE. If I was you I woulda, coulda and shoulda listen to his music on Spotify!


Known to many as the first African American to win a pageant. To others she is known for her Iconic roles on television and movie from hits such as Ugly Betty, Desperate House Wives and more. Some of might even know from her own fashion collection. However you know her, you will probably like to added musician to list! My favourite songs I like include Happiness, Color of the Wind and Save the best for last! You can listen to her on spotify !