15 ways Travel is HEALING

Travel is one of the few things that does not judge. It often doesn’t judge your life choices , economic status , race, religious beliefs , gender identity or sexuality. Travel tends to look at your character, values, your morals. It often looks at how your perspectives changed or not. Travel like many things is bridge between the person You are and could be. Here are the 15 ways travel CAN BE healing.


How to Travel Safely In 2021

*Due to travel current restrictions from the Corona virus , this blog “In Oceanview ” or I is in no way are encouraging travel to happen while restrictions are still up.*

OH 2020! What year this has been for all us, with its ups and downs and sidetracks. It has whirlwind of year that has left travelling – enthusiasts down. Bags packed and maps placed for now.But not to worry YOU soon will reuniting with them in 2021 . Here are some tips and locations that you can travel to when that boarder opens up!

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Travel has and always been a life style, it has affected the way we do business, pleasure and essentially live. Even though there are changes in current events , one thing hasn’t changed and that is to travel safely. As travel had become an essential way to transition from many things, people and life .It was encouraging motivator, comforting friend,an unexpected match-maker and Job Opportunity .

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Since there are no travelling currently, like many travelers I am hoping 2021 is year of travelling! There are so many destinations to see , go and eat around. But there is problems, you are going to face on your own. You can allow yourself to defeated by this year or you can CONQUER it. Just by following this health guidelines and my tips there is sure win in you trip.

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TIP 1: Always carry on a mask and Hand sainzitier


11 Essentials THAT every Traveler Needs

11. An outstanding Luggage that will NOT get in crowd .Many first time travelers myself included have been warned not have bag similar as everyone as it leads to unplanned disasters . By having a vibrant suitcase that suits you and personality you won’t be able to : One, copy some else and secondly you won’t experience anything remotely negative with airport security or the lost and found customer service. You will be thankfully later. Trust me.

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10. Always carry a pair of gloves or masks. With the changing protocols on airlines, it important to practice personal hygiene.This is one of those things that can be easier said than done. I know personally from flying as lot people don’t practice this. Which leaves you unfortunately responsible for tidy things up when push comes to shove.

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9. Carry a Mini skincare/Makeup kit. As you’re up in the air your skin is losing moisture from humidity or dryness, you should take care of your skin as if you’re home because essentially that the you’re on airplane is your home until you land . There should be no opportunity to experiment when you’re up in the air. This also great when your following the travel guidelines of the country you’re travelling to.

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8. Carry an personalized Emergency kit. This is important if you or family / friend suffer from medical condition that require them to bring specific medication to live and enjoy themselves. This one is the most important thing have as this can change your life.

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7. Carry a First Aid . This is great if you’re certified first responded as there are sometimes not a lot of doctors in same flight as you are. This can help you or another who are going through a tough time.

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6. Carry a Map or download locator of the location you are travelling to . Beside planning a head of what you going to wear,do or eat. It is important to know the city, town and possibly other neighboring countries of your location as not get lost when you arrive. Furthermore, as a traveler you will be able to familiarize yourself with the location.

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5. Know car or bus routes of your travel destination. This one goes with number 6 of essential things every traveler needs, again it helps you to familiarize with the location. Plus there is bonus with this has it allows to farther explore the entire country or *countries* without having to fly.

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4. Carry extra water bottle or mini filter . This one is optional if you don’t want to get sick. Secondly, this great for when you’re travelling to place or campsite that doesn’t have a proper water system. You will be either eternally thankful or regretful to this one. So choose wisely.

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3. Carry an international outlet or adapter . Your technology will thank you for this ! This mistake has happened to me. Let me tell you this, it’s not fun to have a fried computer,phone or whatever technology you have.

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2. Carry or Wear a pair of sneakers, instead of heels. This one varies on the person you are . Your feet are soul and body of your all travel dreams. If they are in pain, then you are going to definitely FEEL the pain. Like I said,this one varies on the type of person you are.

Here are Ocean bits before No. 1

  • Carry books or Magazines . It is important to keep your mind active while your flying or even when you’ve landed.
  • Carry a Sketch book . If you’re an artist or your child is interested in art, is vital to keep your/their mind in positive activity such as drawing if your trip is/ or has become a bust .
  • Keep a travel journal. This will help those who can’t afford to take their pets cross abroad. This will keep a certain amount of emotional stability as you are able to take accountability for the very valid emotions you are feeling.
  • Carry a two extra blocks of sunscreen. Your skin, Your dermatologist and most importantly YOU will thank me for this. Depending on where you are travelling, you can’t be too careless with your skin. Just because you have had clear skin most of your life does not mean you are going to have that forever. I made this mistake when I first traveled, I got sunburned on my face and it lasted for a week. So if you want to be keep that reputation of having good and clear skin, PUT THAT SUNSCREEN ON! *no matter the weather*
  • Carry at least two pair of Sunglasses. As much as your skin is a vital organ of your ENTIRE body, your eyes are equally important . This is one optional as it can be essential or fashionable depending on how you see it. Or if you’re like me where you are constantly losing things , it is important to have to a second pair in case you lose your first. If you’re reading this and you have lost both your first and second at the same time. I can not honestly help you, sorry.
  • Always carry more cash more then you carry your bank cards. A lot of identity thief and fraud happens when your travel either locally or abroad . To prevent that from happening carry cash everywhere you go and I mean everywhere, this will help you to achieve two or more things . Thus, most likely leaving you to be your own accountant. But if you want to use your bank cards always ask for a receipt both a physical or electrical if the machine does that.
  • Carry a Camera and Camcorder. This one is a bit old school for those who have used their phone majority of their lives, but it will help you to have everlasting memories for you to keep. Also if you use Instagram, these old technology give you a different vibe or look to your page .

FINALLY the most important …

1.Carry an extra Identification. If you pull a hangover stunt and you can’t remember where you are. Or if you have faced legal problems with authorities, this will help you be recognized through out your travels and keep you safe from all kinds of dangers. Again.. this the most important especially if you are travelling alone.